Bees, Slime & The Present Human Dilemma

Imagine for a moment that I asked you to take part in two experiments. In the first experiment you are confronted by a Y-maze giving you the option to go down two opposite corridors. Before you enter the maze you see a blue sign at the entrance. Previously you were told that the color blue signified a reward. Once you entered the Y-maze at the end of each corridor you find two doors, one blue and the other yellow. Knowing that blue signifies a reward you decide to enter that door first. Congratulations you have successfully matched the color at the entrance, with the same color on the door. Now for the second experiment. Imagine that you have been placed in a standard maze, the kind with dead ends and only one possible exit. At the exit you are told a fantastic dinner awaits you as a reward if you work out the maze. Naturally you do what ever it takes to find that exit. Again congratulations and enjoy the feast!

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